Pioneer DDJ-RZ – 4-Channel rekordbox DJ Controller with Integrated Mixer

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  • Large Aluminum-Plated Jog Wheels
  • Eight Performance Pads per Deck
  • Beat FX, Sound Colour FX, Release FX
  • OSC Sampler for Built-In and User Sounds
  • Versatile 4-Channel Mixer

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Designed to work directly with the included rekordbox dj software, the flagship DDJ-RZ rekordbox dj Controller from Pioneer provides 4 channels of DJ performance control and deep integration with rekordbox dj including dedicated buttons for recording, playback, and looping of sequence operations such as repeating, skipping, and rearrangement of musical parts.

The ergonomic design features 8 multi-color and velocity sensitive performance pads on each deck with four modes of operation including Hot Cue, Pad FX, Slicer, and Sampler. The large aluminum jog wheels can be Dual Deck enabled at the push of a button, allowing two tracks to be controlled, scratched and hot-cued simultaneously. Additionally, The RZ includes the OSC Sampler, which generates noise, sine, siren, and horn sounds, as well as user samples from within rekordbox.

The center panel of the DDJ-RZ is a 4-channel mixer with a built-in soundcard, low-jitter clock, and a Wolfson high-performance digital-to-analog converter. The mixer is capable of connecting mics, turntables, CD players and other external audio sources. Each channel features trim, FX, 3-band EQ/rotary kills, a two-way filter, and level fader. The RZ ships with an AC power adapter and a USB cable.


rekordbox dj Software
Offers the flexibility of preparing your tracks in rekordbox with plug-and-play performance directly from your laptop.

Intuitive Layout
Designed to deliver the tightest possible integration and fast response with rekordbox dj, this controller mirrors the software’s layout to give you effortless control.

Large Aluminum Jogs
The DDJ-RZ’s full-sized jog wheels are optimized for a perfect scratch response and you can use Jog Feeling Adjust to set your preferred resistance. The jogs have illuminated cue point markers and an accurate countdown for even greater precision.

OSC Sampler
Use the new oscillator sampler to overlay four pre-set sounds – Noise, Sine, Siren and Horn – and modulate the output using the dial. The sampler also gives you the freedom to trigger and manipulate your own samples loaded to the banks in rekordbox dj.

Record, play and loop pad routines on the fly.

Dual USB Ports
Two USB sound cards and ports mean you can hook-up 2 computers at the same time and use the top-loaded A/B switch for seamless DJ transitions.

Robust faders
Robust Magvel Faders ensure smooth control over long-term use. Two metal shafts support the fader knobs, while the contact-free magnetic system is designed to endure millions of performances.

Neeule Search
Neeule search provides a touch strip for intuitive and fast searches.

Slip Mode
Keep tracks playing muted during live edits such as loop, scratch or reverse. Release the jog wheel and the track comes back at exactly the right place.

Release FX
Seamlessly exit complex FX patterns by selecting vinyl brake, echo or back spin and twisting the dial.

Well Connected
The DDJ-RZ has 6 inputs for ultimate flexibility to connect to CDJs or analogue turntables and use as a stand-alone mixer. You can also connect directly to professional PA equipment thanks to a Booth and 2 Master, plus the 2 MIC inputs have been improved to eliminate distortion.

Clear and Powerful Sound
A Wolfson high-performance D/A converter and low-jitter crystal oscillator ensure a faithful reproduction of sound sources and deliver a clear, powerful club sound.


  • Wolfson High Performance DAC
  • Large Aluminum-Plated Jog Wheels
  • Eight Performance Pads per Deck
  • Beat FX, Sound Colour FX, Release FX
  • OSC Sampler for Built-In and User Sounds
  • Versatile 4-Channel Mixer
  • Sequencer for Live Performance Pads
  • Needle Search Pad
  • Extensive Connectivity

What's in the box

Bundle Softwarerekordbox dj
Windows System RequirementsWindows 10/ 8/ 8 Pro/ 8.1 Pro (latest service pack)/ 7/ Home Premium/ Professional/ Ultimate (latest service pack) CPU: Intel Processer Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher Memory: 4 GB or more Display Resolution: 1280 x 768 or higher
Mac System RequirementsMac OS X 10.10/ 10.9/ 10.8 (latest version) CPU: Intel Processor Dual Core 2.0 GHz or higher Memory: 4 GB or more Display Resolution: 1280 x 768 or higher
InputsChannel 1: 2x RCA (CD/Line) Channel 2: 2x RCA (CD/Line) Channel 3: 4x RCA (2x CD/Line, 2x Phono) Channel 4: 4x RCA (2x CD/Line, 2x Phono) Mic 1: XLR/1/4" / 6.35 mm combo Mic 2: 1/4" / 6.35 mm
OutputsMaster Out 1: 2x XLR Master Out 2: 2x RCA Booth Output: 2x 1/4" / 6.35 mm TRS
Headphone Outputs1x 1/4" / 6.35 mm TRS stereo 1x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS stereo mini
USB Port2 x USB type B
Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 kHz
THDUSB: 0.002% CD/Line: 0.004%
S/N RatioUSB: 111 dB CD/Line: 97 dB Phono: 90 dB Mic 1 & 2: 84 dB
Input Level and ImpedanceCD/Line: -12 dBu / 47 kOhms Phono: -52 dBu / 47 kOhms Mic 1 & 2: -52 dBu / 8.5 kOhms
Output LevelStandard Output Level Master Out 1: +6 dBu Master Out 2: +2 dBu Booth Out: +6 dBu Phones: +8 dBu Rated Output Level Master Out 1: 24 dBu Master Out 2: 20 dBu
Output ImpedancesStandard Output Load Impedance / Output Impedance Master Out 1: 10 kOhms / 390 ohms or less Master Out 2: 10 kOhms / 820 ohms or less Booth Out: 10 kOhms / 390 ohms or less Phones: 32 ohms / 10 ohms or less Rated Load Impedance Master Out 1: 10 kOhms Master Out 2: 10 kOhms
CrosstalkCD/Line: 82 dB
EQ SectionChannel EQ Hi: -∞ to +6 dB (13 kHz) Mid: -∞ to +6 dB (1 kHz) Low: -∞ to +6 dB (70 Hz) Mic EQ Hi: -12 to +12 dB (10 kHz) Low: -12 to +12 dB (100 Hz)
PowerPower Requirements: AC 110 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz Power Consumption: 30 W Power Consumption (standby): 0.4 W
Dimensions (W × H × D)34.3 x 3.9 x 16.5" / 870.0 x 98.3 x 419.6 mm


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