Tama HT65W Roadpro Drum Throne

  • 13″ diameter, 90mm(3 1/2″) thick round seat
  • 1st Chair double braced legs with “Foot Life” rubber feet
  • Height adjustment system
  • Height adjustable range : 430mm-665mm (17″-26″)
  • Foot Life Rubber Feet
  • Durable construction

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Product Description

The standard model Roadpro drum throne offers the same height adjustment methods as the high-end 1st Chair model. Two height adjustment methods are provided: speedy adjustment using a nylon bushing to tighten the rod and fine adjustment using the threads on the rod for more precise height changes.

Cool and stylish slite on the sitting surface keeps you from sliding around the seat.

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  • Tama HT65W Roadpro Drum Throne

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