Dvon ACT 9380 Professional Wireless Lapel & Handheld Microphone


  • Unique antenna design, to avoid the occurrence of broken hands
  • Improve selectivity, greatly improve the use of multiple simultaneous use
  • Unique cascade way, for the project to facilitate the use of multiple
  • Highly integrated design, improve production efficiency, speed, stability, beauty

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Product Description

ACT syncs the transmitter and receiver frequency automatically. Premium cardioid condenser microphone capsule provides high fidelity, wide frequency response, high dynamic range, rapid transient response, clarity and accurate sound reproduction.


  • Large-screen dynamic LCD display, can dynamically display a variety of work status and content
  • Fine sound quality, bright and crisp, gentle and vigorous.
  • has advanced ACT function, can quickly and automatically lock the operating frequency.
  • Advanced high-end, low-level output design, to solve the high-end ratio Low-end output level problem. Increase the consistency of the whole machine’s interchangeability
  • direct access to the active directional antenna without antenna distributor, Increase convenience and distance
  • good launch switch feel
  • PLL Frequency Synthesizer (PLL)
  • 200 channels adjustable, multiple sets of simultaneous use without interference
  • KTV use 100 sets simultaneously without interference


  • large-scale performances, presided over the speech
  • high-end KTV room studio
  • stage performance
  • Stadium
  • playground, classrooms, conference rooms

What’s in the box

  • Dvon ACT 9380 Wireless Lapel & Handheld Microphone

What's in the box


RF wireless frequency range:UHF 500MHz ~ 960MHz (optional)
Transmission / reception frequency number:200
Modulation method:FM (PLL)
Peak frequency deviation:± 45kHz
Frequency response range:60Hz ~ 19kHz
Signal to noise ratio:≥110dB (A)
T.H.D, total harmonic distortion:<1%
Dynamic range:> 100dB
Sensitivity:10dBμV (S / N> 75dB)
Adjacent channel interference ratio:≥ 80dB
Image interference ratio:≥ 80dB
Harmonic suppression:> 50dB
RF output power:30mW max
Antenna Interface:BNC (50Ω)
Audio output level
Balanced output XLR:+ 13dBP max
Unbalanced output Jack:+ 13dBP max
Transducer, microphone type:moving coil
Pick features:super heart-shaped
Compliance:ETS300422, ETS300445, CE, FCC
Chassis:EIA standard 1U

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