Premier England 5-Piece Drum Set – Laser Red


  • Pre-configured shell packs with laser coloured shells
  • 7.5mm un-supported shells
  • Chemical velons
  • Thick cymbal and hi-hats
  • Metallic Sparkle Wrap Finishes
  • Chrome-plated ISO mount
  • 1.5mm triple-flange steel hoops
  • Steel shell snare drum
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Product Description

This new and improved Premier drum kit offers great performance and incredible value for money. The kit is one of the easiest to set-up and tune and gives a full-bodied tone suitable for all genres.
Premier drums offer that great blend of outstanding sound and great value. The Birch shells give you a bright sound whilst the stylish wrap finish definitely looks the part. The kit’s new low-mass lugs and beautifully plated ISO mounting system are designed to give your shells extra sustain.

Other great features of this Premier shell pack include oil head chemical velon die-cast claw hooks with double ply to extend the durability of your drum.

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