Yamaha Piccolo Snare Drum


  • 1mm Steel Sell Offers Bright Tone
  • Piccolo Style Snare with Sharp & Responsive Sound
  • Great as a Main Snare or an Auxiliary Drum
  • 8 D Series Chrome Staggered Lugs
  • Polished Chrome Finish
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Product Description

Piccolo Snare Drum is a great addition if you are looking to add some extra tone and dynamics to your current kit. This snare is versatile enough to be used as a main snare, or as an auxiliary drum for a higher top end to your drumming. Turn off the snares for a cutting timbale sound. The Modern Tone Piccolo is a great addition to any set up.

The Piccolo Snare Drum produces vast quantities of cut and projection with its gorgeous chrome finished 1.0mm stainless steel shell. Fitted with 20-strand snare wire and Remo heads for outstanding sound from day one.

What's in the box

  • Piccolo Steel
  • 1 mm Steel drum shell
  • Threaded lugs


Shell Material6-Ply Birch
Drum HoopsTriple Flanged, 1.5mm
Drum HeadsBatter - Remo UK
Drum LugsHigh Tension, Low Mass

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