Keyboard Sustain Pedal – Switch Style

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  • Low-Profile Momentary Pedal
  • Non-Slip Bottom and Footpad
  • Fast-Acting, Durable Mechanism
  • Attached Cable with 1/4 Inch Plug
  • Polarity Switch for Universal Use

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Product Description

A universal low-profile sustain pedal for keyboards. It features a non-slip coating on the bottom and on the footpad so the pedal remains steady and secure during use. The pedal has a fast acting, durable mechanism and a polarity switch for universal use. The attached cable features a 1/4 inch plug.

Versatile – for use with many brands!

This Sustain Pedal features an in-built polarity switch to ensure compatibility with almost all brands of analog or electronic keyboards including CASIO, YAMAHA, KORG and ROLAND keyboards. If the switch happens to be in the wrong position for the particular brand, the pedal will function in the opposite way (when not pressed down it will sustain). Just flick the switch to reverse the function.

A specially designed rubber bottom grips the floor and stays put while you play. It can also be utilized as a controller for some synthesizers, tone modules and drum machines.

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