DBX – DriveRack 260 Equalization and Loudspeaker Control System

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  • Wall Panel Control Inputs
  • 2.7 Seconds of Alignment and Zone Delay
  • Classic dbx Compression and Limiting
  • Graphic and Parametric EQ
  • Auto-EQ Function

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The DBX DriveRack 260 is a processor designed for complete system control of equalization, dynamics and routing possibilities in live or contractor sound applications.  Its powerful processing includes both a linkable 28-band graphic and 9-band parametric EQ, while system dynamics are controlled by the built-in compressor. Further component protection is provided by DBX’s PeakStopPlus® limiters, which help protect against too much power and sudden transient spikes.

Before users adjust the EQ, they may want to utilize the internal Pink Noise Generator and Real Time Analyzer to get familiar with the room acoustics. In addition, an easy to assign, flexible alignment time delay and handy 15V phantom powered mic input are also provided for further room management and control.

The goal of a high-quality control processor is to help “dial in” a room and contribute to the overall system performance without directly interfering with audio integrity. Custom templates are built-in for specific amplifier and speaker combinations with user setups easily adjusted using the Wizard setup system and complete DriveWare™ GUI control.

An indispensible tool for maximizing audio quality in a number of environments, the DriveRack 260 is derived from an already proven series of processors and continues the tradition of providing flexible system control using simple, intuitive interfaces.


  • Classic dbx Compression and Limiting
  • Graphic and Parametric Equalization
  • Full Bandpass, Crossover, and Routing Configurations
  • Feedback Elimination
  • Built-in Sub-Harmnonic Synthesizer
  • Pink Noise Generator and Fulltime RTA
  • 2.7 Seconds of Alignment and Zone Delay
  • Auto-EQ Function
  • Auto Gain Control
  • Wall Panel Control Inputs
  • RS-232 PC GUI control

What's in the box

Input(2) line inputs. (1) RTA Mic input
Input Connectors(2) Female XLR line inputs. XLR RTA Mic input
Input TypeElectronically balanced/RF filtered
Input Impedance>40k ohm
Max Input+30dBu with input jumpers in +30 position
CMRR> 45dB
Mic Preamp Phantom Power+15VDC (RTA)
Mic Preamp Equivalent Input Noise (EIN)< -110dB, 22Hz-22kHz, 150 ohm (RTA)
Output6 total
Output ConnectorsMale XLR
Output TypeElectronically balanced, RF filtered
Output Impedance120ohm
Max Output+22dBu
A/D Converterdbx Type IV™ Conversion System
A/D Dynamic Range(line) >113 dB, A-weighted, >110 dB unweighted
Type IV Dynamic Range>119 dB, A-weighted, 22kHz BW; >117 dB, A-weighted, 22kHz BW
Sample Rate48kHz
D/A Dynamic Range112 dB A-weighted, 109dB unweighted
Dynamic Range>110 dB A-weighted, >107dB unweighted
THD+Noise0.003% typical at +4dBu, 1kHz, 0dB gain
Frequency Response20Hz – 20kHz, +/- 0.5dB
Interchannel Crosstalk>110dB, 120dB typical, (input-to-output: >100dB)


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