Casio WK-7600 76-Key Portable Keyboard

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  • 64-note Polyphony
  • Dual and Split Mode
  • 820 tones, 260 rhythms, 100 DSP effects.
  • 17-track Sequencer, 32 Channel Mixer
  • Pitch Bend Wheel
  • MIDI via USB/SD Card Slot
  • 96-setting Memory
  • Mic input, Stereo Audio input, Instrument Input

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76-note portable keyboard with Pattern Sequencer and audio inputs for recording.

Creating the music of your dreams is simple with the WK-7600: 100 DSP effects and users can store up to 100 customized DSP variations, activate 150 different types of arpeggiator at the touch of a button, create and save 10 personal user rhythms and store settings quickly and easily using the 32 registration memories.

Song Sequencer
17-track Song Sequencer (16 tracks + 1 sytem track) acts as a multi-track recorder, so you can use it for real-time recording of your keyboard play. 17 tracks mean that you can perform multi-track recording to layer bass,guitar, piano, and other instruments onto a drum part and build to a final song. Both real-time and step recording are supported.Completed recordings can be converted to SMF (Standard MIDI File) format and stored to an SD memory card.

Pattern Sequencer
Up to eight tracks (drum, percussion, bass, chord 1 through chord 5) can be edited to create original accompaniment patterns (INTRO, NORMAL, NORMAL FILL-IN, VARIATION, VARIATION FILL-IN). In addition to recording over each individual accompaniment part of an existing rhythm, and event editing function gives you total control over each aspect of recorded data, an Easy Edit function lets you combine accompaniment from multiple built-in rhythms to create original rhythms, and mixer capabilities give you control over the tones, volume levels, reverb, and other parameters of each part.

A full selection of editing tools include event insert, event delete, event copy, quantize, and more. Memory is provided for storage of up to 100 different user rhythms, which can be recalled with the touch of a key.

Audio Recording / MIC IN & INST IN
Normal keyboard play, Auto Accompaniment,Song Sequencer play, INST IN terminal input,MIC IN terminal input and other audio can be recorded to an SD memory card as digital audio data. While playing back a song you created with the Song Sequencer, you can play along with on a guitar or other instrument, orinput vocal with a microphone.

Saved audio files can also be transferred to a computer connected via USB for long-term storage. Special Data Manager 6.1 application software, downloadable from the URL shown below, can be used to convert data to WAV format, which can be played back on a computer.
All of this greatly simplifies the task of creating original demo recordings.

Drawbar Organ Function
The keyboard comes with 50 specially selected built-in drawbar organ tones. Nine sliders can be used to change harmonic overtone level settings and add percussion and click sounds for real-time sound creation as you play. A rotary speaker simulated using a built-in DSP provides the distinctive acoustic effect of drawbar organ speakers. Parameters can be edited to create original “user drawbar organ tones,” 50 of which can be stored in memory for later recall.

Tone Editor
The attack time, release time, cutoff,vibrato, reverb/chorus, DSP and other parameters of a built-in tone can be adjusted and edited. You can save the result as your own unique”user tone” that will be available for instant recall whenever you need it during live performances. A TONEEDITOR button provides instant access to the editing mode.

Multiple Digital Effects
Built-in effects include reverb (10 types),chorus (5 types), and DSP (100 preset DSPs).By adjusting the parameters of the DSP effect types, you can create original effects and store up to 100 original types in memory for later recall.

SD Memory Card Slot
Song sequencer, pattern sequencer, tone editor, and other data can be saved to an SD or SDHC memory card. An Audio Record function can be used to record digital audio data. SMF (Standard MIDI File) data stored on an SD or SDHC memory card can be played back on the digital keyboard.

820 Built-in Tones and 100 User Tones
The AHL sound source delivers a lineup of 820 different built-in tones. You also can store up to 100 of your own original tones for instant recall whenever you need them.

260 Preset Rhythms and Auto Accompaniment
A total of 260 preset rhythms cover a wide range of musical genres, from rock and pops, to jazz, Latin, piano pieces, and more. Simply select the built-in rhythm you want and Auto Accompaniment provides you with backup that is the next best thing to having a professional band at your disposal.

What's in the box

  • Casio WK-7600 76-Key Portable Keyboard
  • AC Power Adaptor
  • Music book rest

Keyboard76 Piano-style keys
Touch Response2 Sensitivity levels / Off
Sound SourceTri-element AHL
Polyphony (max)64
Tones820 incl 50 drawbar organ tones
User Tones100 tone editor + 50 drawbar organ
Drawbar Organ Tones50
Built-in Rhythms260
User Rhythms100
Reverb10 Types
Chorus5 Types
Equalizer Settings5 sets (default : off)
DSP100 Preset / 100 User
ControllersStart / Stop, Intro, Normal / Fill-in, Variation / Fill-in, Synchro / Editing
Pattern Sequencer8 track editing x 6 patterns (intro, normal, normal fill-in, variation, variation fill-in, ending)
Rhythm EditorEasy Edit using Patter Sequencer
Song Sequencer16 tracks + 1 system track supports up to 5 songs. Real time recording, step recording, song edit, track edit, event edit, punch in / out
Mixer32 Channels + ext in (instrument or mic), 9 sliders
Layer / SplitYes
Registration Memory6 sets x 16 banks, 100 user presets
One Touch Presets260
Pitch Bend Wheel0 to 24 Semi-tomes
General MIDI Compatible16 Channel multi-timbre received, GM level 1
RecorderUp to 5 audio files
SD Memory Card StorageSD or SDHC
DisplayBacklit LCD
Speakers w/ Bass Reflex System4.7" x 2 + 1.2" x 2
Amplifier7W + 7W
Line OutL / Mono, R - Std jack
Mic InMono - Std jack
Instrument InMono - Std jack
Audio InStereo - Mini jack
Sustain PedalStd jack
HeadphonesStereo - Std jack
Power12V DC or six D cell batteries
Included Accessories
AC AdaptorAD-A12150
Music StandYes
Dimensions and Weight
Unit size L x W x H46.7" x 15.7" x 5.9"
Unit weight19.6 lbs.
Boxed size L x W x H49.5" x 19.5" x 8.0"
Boxed weight28.7 lbs.


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