JOYO GEM Box Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with 60 effects and 40 Presets


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Product Description

The JOYO GEM Box is a compact and lightweight guitar effects unit. Packed full of useful features and incredible sounds, the pedal includes 60 different effect options, 40 drum rhythm tracks and an assignable expression pedal. With 40 presets and 40 user patch slots plus an inbuilt tuner, the GEM Box is the perfect introduction to the world of effects.

Choose From 60 Various Effects
With the GEM Box, there are a huge number of various effects to choose from. Select up to 8 patches at once to create interesting blends between various overdrives, delays, modulation effects and more! The digital display makes it easy to recall any patch, and the “pre-patch recall” function lets you choose the patches before activating them. The assignable expression pedal can be used to control volume or a wah effect, and every preset effect can be edited and saved.

Useful Features in a Compact Pedal
The JOYO GEM Box is designed to sound great and save space. Two main switches and two main dials control all the parameters of each effect. The patch + and – switches can be used to select patches, start the drum track and even activate the true bypass tuner. Select your function using the control dial – whether it be to store new patches or select your effects, then use the value dial to scroll through the various patches, drum tracks and settings.

The Tools to be Creative
Powered by a standard DC9V 500mA power supply, this pedal will be a fitting addition to any beginner or intermediate player’s setup. 25 drive sounds, including 4 legendary amp models and 15 famous stomp-box simulations, will inspire the user to play, edit and create their own patches. Modulation, delay, reverb and wah make the GEM Box ideal for practicing any genre, as well as a fun and enjoyable unit. The GEM Box can also be powered by 4x AA batteries, allowing for ultimate portability and playability, wherever you go.

The JOYO GEM Box is the perfect late night or bedroom practice tool, you can have complete control of your tone and have it all at whisper level volumes or entirely through a set of headphones. Whether you just want to jam along with a set of drums or you need to practice that scorching hot lead late at night, the GEM Box is perfect.

What's in the box

  • JOYO GEM Box Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal with 60 effects and 40 Presets
  • Power Cable
  • User’s Manual


  • 8 Effect Module
  • 60 Effect Types
  • 40 Preset and User Patch Slots
  • 40 Drum Rhythms
  • Battery Slot for Portability
  • Assignable Expression Pedal.
  • Precise Tuning Function.
  • Patch Pre-Select Recall Function.
  • Compact Operation Interface.
  • Lightweight & tiny for easy transportation.
  • Model: GEM-BOX
  • Main Instrument Input/Output: 1/4" (6.35mm) TS
  • User Sound Bank: 40 Patches
  • Preset Sound Bank: 40 Patches
  • Drum/Rhythm: 50 Tracks
  • Power: DC9V 500mA Negative Centre Power Supply (included) /4x AA Batteries
  • Dimensions (including expression pedal): 23.5 x 15.0 x 65.0cmm

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