Nux Scream Bass Analog Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal


  • Analog Circuit
  • Wide tonal range from overdrive to fuzz
  • 2-Band equaliser including low and high
  • Blend dry and overdrive signal
  • True bypass design which minimises loss of tone and provides more control of pedal
  • Powered by 9V Battery or optional adapter
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Product Description

The NUX Scream Bass Guitar Effects Pedal is an analog overdrive pedal especially designed for bass guitars. The simplicity of its compact design makes it easy to use, and also fits any size pedal board. Easily tweak your sound using the four control knobs and achieve overdrive and fuzz effects. An additional feature includes a blend button which allows you to mix dry and overdrive signals together, achieving a more unique sound. With its great features, the Scream Bass is a supreme choice for bassists who want to add more impact to their sound.

This analog overdrive pedal from NUX, offers a simple operation to achieve a wide tonal range from mild overdrive to fuzz. It is equipped with a two-band equalizer with both low and high gain options. Featuring gain, level, high and low knobs which allow you to tweak the settings for the optimum sound. The overdrive effect is especially ideal for use with punk, rock, thrash and metal music.

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  • Nux Scream Bass Analog Overdrive Bass Effects Pedal

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