Tama MT1440 Metalworks 14 x 4 Steel Snare Drum

  • The Tama MT1440 steel snare drum offers a bright tone
  • Smooth resonance in low-tuning.
  • Slightly thicker 1.2mm steel shell and triple flanged hoops
  • Triple flange  hoops
  • Durability: high

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Product Description

The Tama MT1440 Metalworks 4″ x 14″ snare drum has a slightly thicker, 1.2mm shells combined with triple flanged hoops allow the Metalworks steel-shell snare drums to perform at their maximum potential. A flat, brushed black nickel finish and black nickel hardware create a unique, industrial look that’s the perfect visual match with the sound of steel.

The MT1440M features the MCS70B butt, which uses the basic butt assembly of the MUS80B but has large, 6mm screws for improved durability.


  • Shell: 1.2mm Steel
  • Size: 4″ x 14″
  • Hoops: Triple Flanged, 8 Hole Steel
  • Lugs: MSL-SCP
  • Strainer: MCS70A
  • Butt: MCS70B
  • Snappy: MS20R14S

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  • Tama MT1440 Metalworks 14 x 4 Steel Snare Drum- Black

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