Nektar Panorama P6 61-Key USB MIDI Controller Keyboard

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  • 61 Velocity-Sensitive Keys
  • 12 Pads
  • 9 x 45mm Faders
  • 16 Encoders
  • Transport Buttons with Looper Function
  • Extended Integration with Many DAWs
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows

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Product Description

The Panorama P6 from Nektar Technology is a 61-key controller with a comprehensive Reason implementation that makes it feel like one is controlling hardware in real-time. Additional extensive programming options for controlling other ReWired DAWs, virtual instruments and MIDI hardware enhance performance and creativity.

The keyboard and pads have a solid feel and respond in a dynamic manner. Velocity sensitivity allows for complex expression. Combined with ninety-three real-time controls available at any one time, and cross-platform computer compatibility, makes the Panorama P6 the definitive keyboard controller for Reason and other MIDI software and hardware.

DAW Control

Deep Integration without the need for mapping of the following software:

  • Apple Main Stage 3
  • Cocos Reaper
  • Bitwig Studio
  • Cubase
  • Logic Pro
  • Reason

Reason Integration

  • One button press completely reconfigures the keyboard and allows for switching between controlling Reason’s mixer, instruments, or transport
  • Similar to multiple control surfaces in one, with the benefits of complete integration
  • Popup menus provide deep access to all areas with parameters pre-assigned in a logical way
  • Every single device is mapped with parameter names and values clearly visible in the display
  • Allows for operating Reason as if it’s hardware
  • Re-designed Kong, ReDrum and Dr OctoRex interfaces for improved beat creation including colored graphic pads on the TFT display and drum parameters selectable by hitting the corresponding pad
  • Kong pad 1 and ReDrum channel 1 can be triggered via the foot switch socket

Internal Mode

  • 4th mode provides access to all the internal options so you can set up presets for DAWs ReWired to Reason, or to control external MIDI hardware
  • All 93 real-time controls can be programmed to send MIDI messages in the keyboard’s Internal mode
  • Programming is straight forward with all parameters clearly visible simultaneously on the 3.5″ TFT display
  • Changes made are instantaneous so you can check the result immediately or even program dynamically as you work

Dedicated Transport Controls

  • All main transport functions are available at any one time via eleven dedicated transport buttons
  • Provides one button access to L/R locator positions, undo, click on/off, recording mode, cycle on/off, rewind, forward, stop, play and record
  • The three Reason modes automatically map the transport buttons and even send transport messages to a ReWired DAW
  • Improved Transport mode with icons showing status for click, Q-record, cycle and pre-count
  • Button for quantize added along with some re-organization that eliminated the need for another menu level to access some functions
  • Looper addition to Transport mode
  • With the looper active, the pads act as an array of loop markers automatically set across a Reason song at an adjustable loop length
  • Randomize function allows the randomization of device parameters that are currently in view on Panorama’s display


  • Twelve velocity and pressure-sensitive pads with choice of seven velocity curves for expressive percussive performances
  • Easy to program using the “Learn Note” function
  • “Velocity Spread” feature quickly spreads one note across all the pads, each with its own fixed velocity, making it easier to create consistent and nuanced dynamics
  • “Scale-Function” assigns each pad to pitches within any of the pre-defined 30+ scales, a quick and easy way to change pad assignments, great for percussive performances with any keyboard sound while freely changing intervals or transposing the whole set on the fly
  • Reason devices such as ReDrum, Dr. Octo Rex and Kong are automatically assigned to pads in the keyboard’s Instrument mode with an additional four virtual pads available when needed
  • Increased pad sensitivity so the pads can be triggered with the lightest of touch

Reason Channel Controls

  • Regardless of which Reason mode you are in, or how far down you are in a menu, you always have instant access to volume, solo and mute controls for the current mixer channel
  • The 100 mm ALPS fader and two LED buttons can be locked to a specific mixer channel, or set to follow your track selection
  • ALPS fader is motorized so its position updates automatically to match your virtual Reason mixer
  • By entering the dedicated Fader menu you can use the data encoder to control pan or sends parameters, or change the fader assignment to control Master or Control Room, all without affecting whatever else you are doing
  • Mixer channel signal indicators show if a signal is present for any of the eight channels visible on Panorama’s Mixer view


  • By pressing a single button you can send out for example, a command to copy, move L/R location points and paste commands, or open the editor and magnify to maximum all at the same time
  • Macro feature can send up to eight keystroke commands in one sequence from the keyboard to the computer
  • With any one of 36 programmable buttons and 12 pads assignable to macros, this feature can really provide time-saving and interesting workflow ideas

Presets and Maps

  • Little to no setup required for the Reason user
  • Presets can be setup for a ReWired DAW, VI or other software/hardware combination using the keyboard’s Internal mode
  • User settings are stored in non-volatile memory and retained even when the keyboard is switched off, with plenty of storage space available
  • Twenty preset locations store settings for the sixteen encoders, nine faders and ten buttons with an additional five keyboard, ten F-Keys and twenty Pad map locations storing all settings for their respective functional area
  • Preset can be loaded with any combination of maps plus you can load maps independently without affecting your other assignments
  • Presets and map changes assignable to any button making it possible to recall any given preset or map at the push of a button
  • Options for assigning next or previous are available with the new default assignment of the Patch- and Patch+ buttons
  • Secondary encoder curve assignment to be triggered by the PB-buttons allows immediate switching between an acceleration curve and a new linear option
  • Formatting of Reason parameter values that are not formatted by the application including EQ and Dynamics parameters
  • Instant view of F-keys assignments when the F-keys shift button is pressed

What's in the box

  • Nektar Technology Panorama P6 – Keyboard Controller
  • USB Cable (Standard)
  • USB Type A to Micro B Cable
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty


Keyboard61  Keys, Semi-Weighted Action with Aftertouch and Velocity
MIDI Control Surfaces1 x Wheel (Pitch-Bend)
1 x Wheel (Modulation)
12 x Pads (Pressure/Velocity-Sensitive)
16 x Rotary Encoders
9 x Sliders
10 x Buttons (Assignable)
Performance FunctionsMulti-Zone Programming, Octave Shift, Transport Controls, Transpose
I/O2 x 1/4" (6.3 mm) TS Expression Pedal/Sustain Input
1 x Micro-USB Bus-Power Input
1 x USB Type-B Host Connection
1 x 5-Pin MIDI Output
OS CompatibilityMac OS X 10.7 or higher
Windows Vista, 7 & 8 or higher
Power OptionsDual USB Bus-Power, USB Bus-Power

Customer Reviews

5 overall

Based on 6 reviews

  1. 5 out of 5

    the transport section is AWESOME! Most controllers don’t offer an Undo button (I use heavily) and some also don’t include left/right marker buttons and only offer fast forward/rewind. I almost never have to touch my mouse when starting/stopping/undoing/and repeating a recording take! It has endless rotary knobs which have the benefit of starting adjustment from the current parameter value rather than jumping up to the parameter quickly. If you don’t like rotary because you don’t know the boundary of 0 or 127 then you can simply map a fader and use that since it has finite travel. Now, the keybed… I could not be happier!!! I generally love the feel of weighted keys but I do electronic industrial music and often need a fast key respond which weighted are too slow. This keybed offers the heavier downpress of a weighted keybed BUT bounces up more like a semi-weighted keyboard, it’s just perfect!

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hooked up the P6 via USB, glad I did because I used to use a midisport and I’m not sure if all the features work through standard midi. But connected via midi and with the Cubase drivers installed the keyboard automaps the parameters of the vast majority of VST synths I have loaded. Simply select the track and it automatically recognizes the instrument and premaps the parameters. I don’t have to load anything for it to do this.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Perfect delivery time, and excellent service. Highly recommended seller

  4. 5 out of 5

    11/10 support is fantastic, they have a great range of reasonably priced products, and they ship quickly nationwide

  5. 5 out of 5

    Wow. The functionality and simplified workflow are amazing. It has auto mapping for MOST instrument plug-ins. (More to come) I use it with a Mac Pro Quad core with Cubase 8.5 and Maschine 2.x softwares and it works flawlessly. It’s easy to learn, but you will have to invest some time to learn all of the functions. I was looking at a couple of competitors offerings and they just didn’t match up. One of the others had great proprietary plug-in control, but the keys felt cheap and didn’t have quite the velocity touch as the Nektar P6. I would definitely recommend this keyboard to serious producers/composers and advanced hobbyists.

  6. 5 out of 5

    Lovely keyboard. Nice feel and look. It works perfect with my Reason 9.5 The original box is weak and cheap, but the keyboard arrived well packed, with this box inside another one

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