Evans Uno G2 Standard 5set Drum Head Velons


  • American-made high quality drum heads
  • 5 Set Drum Head
  • Truly incredible tone
  • Significantly lasts longer
  • Made with premium quality film and construction techniques
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Product Description

Despite their lower price, relative to the Evans USA-made product, the UNO series drum heads are made with Evans’ hallmark consistency and produce a sound quality that will please even the most discerning ears. The line features the same films as used in Evans’ USA-made product, but in a high quality crimp-secured collar. Each drum head comes in its own distinctive anti-static packaging, with color-coded label and tuning instructions. UNO by Evans was designed to target emerging and economically challenged markets where Evans’ USA-made product is too costly for the average player.


  • Enhanced sensitivity
  • Softer dynamics
  • Reduced sustain for greater articulation

What's in the box

Evans Uno G2 Standard 5set Drum Head

  • 22″ EQ4 Clear Bass Drum Head
  • 16″ Clear Side Drum Head
  • 14″ HD Coated Drum Head
  • 13″ G2 Clear Toms Drum Head
  • 12″ G2 Clear Toms Drum Head

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