Numark NV – Intelligent Dual-Display DJ Controller

  • Integrated Dual Displays for Serato DJ
  • Two Dual Zone Platters
  • Twelve iZotope Designed Effects
  • Touch-Activated EQ, Filter, Effects
  • 16x Backlit Velocity Sensitive Pads

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Product Description

The Numark NV – Intelligent Dual-Display Controller For Serato DJ incorporates two 4.3″ full-color displays to show Serato DJ’s library, spinning virtual decks, effects (FX), cue points, waveforms, and more to provide 1:1 control up to four Serato decks with mouse-free library navigation controls.

This design allows for the DJ’s laptop to remain closed and out of view of the audience while performing a set.

For tactile control, the device includes two 5″ touch-activated platters for scrubbing, scratching, and jogging tracks, as well as sixteen RGB backlit velocity-sensitive pads with over 10 pad modes for finger drumming, looping, sample slicing, setting cue points, and more. It also includes a professional grade crossfader with curve control and touch activated controls for FX, EQ, and filter knobs.

The DJ controller comes with Toolroom Records artist Remix packs that feature professionally produced audio stems that you can remix into new compositions. A built-in audio interface provides RCA outputs for the master and booth as well as balanced XLR outputs for sending the signal to professional PA systems. The audio interface also includes two headphone outputs, one microphone input, one RCA pair input, and connects to your Mac or PC computer via USB 2.0.


  • Real-Time Full-Color DIsplays

Provides direct feedback of Serato DJ, eliminates eye travel from laptop to hardware controller, and removes laptop from field of view of audience

  • Touch-Activated Knobs

Provides touch and turn control of filter sweeps, FX combinations, and EQ adjustments

  • Dedicated Effects Controls

Allows you to manipulate up to six simultaneous FX on each channel including the master output with 12 available iZotope designed effects

  • 16 Velocity-Sensitive Trigger Pads

Respond to playing dynamics when triggering samples, setting loops, slicing tracks and triggering hot-cues with 10 available pad modes

  • 3-Way Filter Knobs

Features touch activation and twist control with 3 modes: Filter, Filter FX, and Filter Roll

  •  Dual 5-Inch Platters

Provides consistent control over jog, scratch, and scrub functions regaruless of swings in the humidity or temperature of the venue

  • 10 Pad Modes

Allows you to manage samples, loops, and cues in different modes: Hot Cue, Hot Cue Auto-Loop, Auto-Loop, Loop Roll, Manual Loops, Saved Loops, Sampler, Velocity Trigger Sampler, Slicer, and Slicer Loop

  • 4 Decks of Serato DJ Control

Enables complex mixing of four decks with switchable visual feedback using dual displays

  • Toolroom Remix Packs

Provides professional electronic music stems for remixing


Computer I/O1x USB 2.0
Bit Depth24-bit
Inputs2x RCA (left and right stereo pair) 1x 1/4" microphone
Outputs2x RCA booth (left and right stereo pair) 2x RCA master (left and right stereo pair) 2x XLR-3M master (left and right stereo pair) 1x 1/4" headphone output 1x 1/8" headphone output
Displays2x 4.3" full color
Turntable Platter2x 5" touch activated
Pads16x RGB backlit velocity sensitive
Power Requirements12 VDC
DimensionsNot specified by the manufacturer

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