Focusrite Vocaster Two Studio Podcasting Kit


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  • Includes dynamic microphone and stereo headphones.
  • ‘Auto Gain’ allows you to use your voice to automatically set input levels.
  • Enhance your sound with a choice of four ‘podcaster-approved’ presets.
  • Camera/phone connectivity with stereo loopback function.
  • Complete with podcast software bundle including everything you need to get started.


The Focusrite Vocaster Two Studio is an all-in-one podcasting/online creation bundle featuring everything you need to capture broadcast-grade sound and publish your creations. Included with the Vocaster Two interface is the Vocaster DM14v microphone, a pair of HP60v headphones and an XLR cable to hook everything up. Whether you’re recording a podcast, creating content for your YouTube channel or gaming online via Twitch; the Vocaster Two is the perfect companion for you. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned content creator; the Vocaster Two allows you to get the most out of your inputs featuring both Phone and Camera connectivity.

Incorporate your own audio such as background music or sound FX using the onboard stereo loopback functionality. The interface features a range of helpful tools to aid in recording, including four podcaster-approved vocal presets and a range of music software to get you started straight out of the box. You can set your levels manually or use the Auto Gain feature to let the interface set the appropriate gain level for you. With over 70dB of gain, you’ll never struggle to be heard again.

The Vocaster Hub acts as the interface’s dedicated mixer, allowing you to set levels, enhance your sound and route signals from your phone and computer. There is also a useful feature in the Vocaster Hub called ‘Show Mix’ which allows you to preview what the listeners will hear – even without a computer! Its streamlined and compact design makes it perfect for creators on the move, with ultra-lightweight construction and an intuitive control section.
Studio recording pack – everything you need to record
Complete with Vocaster audio interface is everything you need to get recording straight out of the box. The Vocaster DM14v dynamic microphone features a wide frequency response and dynamic internal capsule that will capture your voice with accuracy. The microphone features a built-in grille and pop filter to refine your audio for broadcast-quality sound. Also included within the studio version are the HP60v closed-back studio headphones which allow you to monitor your sound whilst you record. Building on the design of the original HP-60s (found within the Scarlett recording pack), the HP60v version features updated construction with a soft, padded headband.

Made for online content creation
Whilst other conventional audio interfaces are geared towards musicians, the Vocaster Two’s design has been influenced by online content creation such as podcasting, vlogging, online gaming and everything in between. Providing incredible sound quality and over 70dB of gain (no external boost needed!), the Vocaster Two is a must-have for any solo content creator. Ensuring broadcast-grade sound; the Vocaster features premium-quality microphone inputs as well as an ‘Auto Gain’ feature which you can use to automatically set your levels using your voice. Not only that, but you can also incorporate music and pre-recorded sounds using the Stereo Loopback function – perfect for intros/outros and much more.

Enhance your sound with four podcaster-approved presets
Helping to optimise your sound, the Vocaster features an ‘enhance’ button which allows you to cycle between four handcrafted vocal presets to bring out the best from your voice. The presets themselves were created from the feedback of podcasters, ensuring the best possible audio performance for online creators. The inclusion of a ‘Mute’ button allows you to eliminate any unwanted interruptions such as coughs or sneezes.

Connect your camera and your phone
Providing a two-way connection to phones, the Vocaster can be both input and output sound, allowing you to record phone interviews or other audio to your camera/computer. The camera output utilises the same mix as the USB recording output so you customise your mix and set your levels of the camera using the Vocaster Hub’s mixer. Not only that, but you can stream music directly from your phone thanks to the interface’s onboard Bluetooth connectivity.

Complete with audio/podcast software bundle
To get you started straight out of the box, Focusrite have included a range of software for recording audio and your podcasts. Included is a copy of Hindenburg LITE (and a 6-month Hidenburg Pro) trial – a unique piece of audio software that is catered towards podcast and recording production. Also included are Acast (6-month influencer plan), SquadCast (3-month pro + video trial) and Amplify Studio (6-month premium trial). Acast and SquadCast are the ultimate companions for online podcasters allowing you to host and monetize your podcasts as well as invite guests via video and more.

What's in the box

  • Vocaster Two
  • Vocaster DM14v dynamic microphone
  • HP-60v stereo headphones
  • USB A-C Cable

  • All-in-one podcast/online creator recording bundle with dynamic microphone and stereo headphones.
  • Interface designed with podcasting/online creation in mind.
  • Two pristine XLR microphone input with over 70dB of gain.
  • Two headphone outputs for direct monitoring your of mix.
  • ’Auto Gain’ functionality will automatically set your levels using your mic input and your voice.
  • Enhance your sound with a choice of four, podcaster-approved presets.
  • Mute button for eliminating unwanted sound/interruptions.
  • Camera/phone connectivity allows you to sync your interface with outboard visuals.
  • Stream music from your phone/other device using the onboard Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Stereo loopback function – play pre-recorded segments, play music, incorporate sound FX and more.
  • ’Easy Start’ tool – perfect for beginners.
  • Control your routing and levels using the dedicated Vocaster Hub with built-in mixing capabilities.
  • Complete with comprehensive audio/podcast software bundle to get you started straight away.


  • 2 x XLR microphone input
  • 1 x 3.5mm TRRS phone connection
  • 2 x 1/4” balanced speaker outputs
  • 1 x 1/4” headphone outputs
  • 1 x 3.5mm TRS camera out
  • Sample Rate: 48kHz
  • USB: 3.0
  • Microphone Input:
  • Impedance: 3K ohms
  • Maximum Input Level: +12.5dBu @ minimum gain
  • Gain Range: 70dB
  • THD+N (@ -1dBFS): ≤-94dB
  • Frequency Response (20Hz @ mininum gain): 20Hz - 20KHz +0, -0.5 dB
Phone Input:
  • Impedance: 18K ohms
  • THD+N (@ -1dBFS): ≤-94dB
  • Maximum Input Level: +1dBu
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz +0, -0.5
Phone Output:
  • Impedance: 220 ohms
  • Maximum Output Level: -26dBu
  • THD+N: -73dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz +0dB, -0.5dB
Line Outputs:
  • Impedance: 440 ohms
  • Maximum Output Level: +14dBu
  • THD+N: ≤-96dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 2kHz ±0.15dB
Headphone Output:
  • Impedance: 5 ohms
  • Maximum Output Level @ 0dBFS: +6.5dBu
  • Maximum Power (mW):
  •            8.5mW into 270 ohms
  •            28mW into 33 ohms
  • THD+N: -96dB unloaded
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz, ±0.5dB
Camera Output:
  • Impedance: 220 ohms
  • Maximum Output Level: -24.5dBu
  • THD+N (Max Output, -1dBFS, 22Hz - 22kHz): -73dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz ±0.2dB
  • Weight (boxed): 2.028 kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) (boxed): 116 x 443 x 256mm
  • USB-3.0 Bus power 5V @900mA 4.5W
  • External power supply - 5V @ 1000mA Product Code: MOAC0003


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