Puresound E1316 Equalizer 16-Strand Snare Drum Wires


  • Center cutout balances out the tone of your snares and shell
  • Great for vintage drums
  • Reduces sympathetic vibrations from toms and other instruments
  • Medium-gauge steel is crisp, lively, and durable
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
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Product Description

Sometimes the tone of your snares can overtake the sound of your shell. This is especially true for vintage snares. But PureSound Equalizer snare wires have a cutout center section to better balance the voice of your drum.

This results in a controlled crispness and shorter sustain, along with less obvious sympathetic vibrations from toms and other instruments. PureSound’s US-made, all-steel snare wires are live and responsive as ever in the Equalizer series – just more controlled.

PureSound’s Equalizer snare wires feature an off-set design that removes the strands from the middle of the drum, reducing the vibration of the wires in the more active center area while maintaining it in the less sensitive off-center ones. Not only is the snare drum drier and crisper with an Equalizer, it is less influenced by sympathetic vibrations from other drums and instruments.

What's in the box

  • Puresound E1316 Equalizer 16-Strand Snare Wires – 13″


Model #E1316
MaterialCurly Wire

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