Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 DJ Controller

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  • Top-of-the-line professional DJ controller
  • Includes Serato DJ and Flip and Pitch n’ Time expansion packs
  • Built-in, full-size 4-channel mixer with onboard effects
  • Full-size, capacitive jog wheels
  • Dedicated Serato controls; 16 rubber performance pads

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The DDJ-SZ2 is a refreshing update to Pioneer’s flagship DJ controller. Designed for professionals, the DDJ-SZ2 is the closest match to Pioneer’s industry standard CDJ-2000NXS media players. Having all of the same pro features of its predecessor, the MKII model introduces some welcomed enhancements including a built-in sequencer designed to leverage the full power of FLIP—Serato’s ultimate remixing tool. Pioneer has also improved the jog wheel latency to make scratching more responsive and precise and the multicolored performance pads give you instant feedback on playing status and pad modes. The DDJ-SZ2 comes bundled with the latest version of Serato DJ, the Pitch n’ Time and Serato Flip expansion packs are also included so you can use the new features straight out the box.
Dedicated Controls
Play with your keys and pitch, adjusting them while mixing with 3 new Serato DJ functions embedded in your controller. Key shift, key sync and pitch play give you the power to play it by ear.
Play with Your Pitch
Pitch Play grants you the freedom to hit your cues across a range of different keys. Use the Performance Pads to assign your Hot Cues and broaden the scope of your creativity at the touch of a button.

Serato Flip Connection
Record Hot Cue combinations with 3 dedicated buttons, enabling you to play back your tracks, make custom edits or even skip or repeat selected sections on loop.

Professional Oscillator
Create a more versatile sound by turning the knob to overlay your track with Noise, Drop, Laser or Siren. Modulate using the dial to add texture as well as tension to your tracks.

Large Aluminum Jog Wheels
The DDJ-SZ2’s full-sized jog wheels are optimized for a perfect scratch response and you can use Jog Feeling Adjust to set your preferred resistance. The jogs have illuminated cue point markers and an accurate countdown for even greater precision.

Backlit Performance Pads
Instantly trigger Hot Cues, Roll, Slicer, Sampler, Cue Loop, Saved Loop, Slicer Loop and Pitch Play. The multicolored backlit LEDs give a visual reference to which modes are in play, and will reflect cue points you’ve pre-set in Serato DJ.


  • A full-featured 4-deck DJ controller with 2 on-board USB audio interfaces and full Serato DJ compatibility
  • 206mm Big Jog CDJ jog wheels with Jog Feeling Adjust give you the perfect action for scratching and turntablism
  • On Jog Display in the center of each jog wheel shows the playback status and position of your tracks
  • Simple, easy-to-understand layout and generous spaces between each control part make operation comfortable
  • Dedicated Serato Flip controls and Pitch Play mode functions provide advanced performance options
  • Includes Serato DJ plus the Pitch ‘n Time and Flip expansion packs
  • Multicolor performance pads let you control functions such as hot cues and the Serato DJ sampler
  • 2 sound cards and USB ports enable 2 computers to be connected at the same time for seamless DJ handovers
  • High-quality effects section features 4 popular Sound Color FX including Pitch, Echo (with beat sync), Jet, and Filter
  • Oscillator section with options for Noise, Siren, Cymbal, and Horn to add energy to transitions
  • Supports DVS control and can be used as a standalone mixer
  • Pioneer Exclusive Magvel Crossfader provides enhanced operability and durability
  • Needle Search touch strip delivers intuitive and fast track searches
  • P-Lock fader caps are next to impossible to pull off in the heat of a mix

What’s in the box

  • DDJ-SZ2
  • Power cord
  • USB cable
  • Operating Instructions Manual

What's in the box

Controller Style:DJ Controller with Audio Interface
Number of Decks:4-deck
Jog Wheels:2 x 8" Aluminum Wheels Adjustable Resistance
Faders:4 x volume, 2 x tempo
Pads:16 x Multi-colored, backlit, velocity sensitive pads
Other Controllers:2 x Touch Strip needle search
Mic Inputs:1 x XLR-1/4" combo, 1 x 1/4"
Inputs:2 x Dual RCA Stereo (phono), 2 x Dual RCA Stereo (CD), 2 x Dual RCA Stereo (line)
Outputs:2 x XLR (master out), 1 x Dual RCA Stereo (master), 2 x 1/4" (booth out)
USB:2 x Type B
Headphones:1 x 1/8", 1 x 1/4"
Audio Interface:24-bit/44.1kHz
Standalone Mode:Yes
Onboard Effects:Pitch, Filter, Echo, Jet, Serato DJ FX by iZotope
Software:Serato DJ Pro, Serato Pitch n Time, Serato Flip
OS Requirements - Mac:OS X 10.11 or later
OS Requirements - PC:Windows 7 SP1 or later
Power Supply:Standard IEC AC cable
Dimension:89.9 x 41.9 x 9.9 cm (870 mm × 419.5 mm × 98.4 mm)
Manufacturer Part Number:DDJ-SZ2


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