Behringer BT108 Ultrabass – 2-Channel Bass Combo

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  • Extremely versatile bass amplifier
  • Powerful 15-Watt, 8 inch speaker
  • VTC Virtual Tube Circuitry for tube-like sound
  • Dedicated 4-band EQ for ultimate sound shaping
  • CD input allows you to play along to your favorite music
  • Separate headphone outputperfect for quiet practicing
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Product Description

Behringer’s BT108 2-Channel Ultrabass 15 Watt Bass Combo has a strong metal enclosure ensuring that your amplifier will be well protected from rough handling. The 20W 8″ speaker and Virtual Tube Circuitry (VTC) provide your bass the capability to achieve the unique sound that comes from classical tube amps. Its compact size make it easy to set up and practice anywhere.

Also, there is a 4-band EQ helps you further design your sound. The BT108 has a dedicated CD input and a headphone output, allowing you to play along with or practice your music in privacy.

Versatile Sound Tools
With VTC technology you can achieve the sound associated with classic tube amplifiers. The stereo input allows you to add MP3 or CD music to your bass amplifier, so you can listen and practice along with your favorite music. Plus, the 4-band equalizer lets you further shape your tone.
Durable & Lightweight
The strong metal enclosure along with the high-grade wood cabinet covered in vinyl ensures a long life for this amp. This amplifier was designed for practicing. Its light weight, plus compact size and durability make this amp ideal for practicing while on the road.


Power Output 15W
Speakers 8.0" (20.3 cm) custom made
Inputs Instrument - x1 CD/Audio - x1
Outputs Headphone - x1
Controls Front Panel Volume - x1 Low-Range Frequency Controller - x1 Low-Mid Frequency Controller - x1 High-Mid Frequency Controller - x1 High Frequency Controller - x1 Power Switch - x1
Controls Rear Panel None
Effect Type Tube-like Amplifier Sound
Casters No

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