Olive Tree Cutaway Acoustic Guitar – Walnut Series


  • Good for beginners, starter pack offers great value
  • Good acoustics and resonance
  • Good for traveling
  • Clean tones with no buzzing
  • Well finished and striking appearance
  • Easy to play
  • Lightweight

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Product Description

The Olive 38 inches Acoustic guitars are one of the steel string guitars that provides an excellent sounding, resonant guitar with no flat spots, which is very encouraging when you are learning. It is characterized as a great all-round choice in the category of best playability acoustic guitar, perfect for beginner and expert player, for a wide range of purposes, from private lessons and recreation to gigs and studio recording.


Great playability:

It is a great acoustic guitar for beginners. Unlike some acoustic guitars where the height of the strings towards the sound board, can be too high, which is very difficult for beginners, the Olive provides a low rise and easier playability. Mahogany design features include an asymmetrical neck profile which more easily fits the natural shape of a player’s hand.

Sound quality:

The Olive is an amazing choice which gives a lovely bright sound. It has a clarity with no buzzing, no flat spots and sounds like a solid wood guitar. The sound quality is due in part to the X-bracing in the frame, allowing a resonant tone. Despite being aimed at the student end of the market, even expert players will enjoy the pleasant, effortless sound. The satin finish, assists in making it more resonant.


It is the weight that many novices will be able to play without fatiguing. It allows a comfortable playability which promotes frequent practicing. As it is lightweight it is also easy to transport and its great tone makes it a perfect choice for gigs as well as private relaxation playing.

What's in the box

  • Olive Cutaway Acoustic Guitar – Walnut Series
  • Carrier Bag
  • Allen Key


Product Modle38C
Spcification 38 inch Acoustic Guitar
Top Linden
Back and Sides Linden
Neck Catalpa
Fingerboard ABS
Bridge ABS
Machine Head 3-in-line
Finish Matte

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