Guitar Buying Guide, Everything you need to know

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A guitar overview

Most all guitars, both acoustic and electric, share some basic characteristics. What follows are the most important ones for beginners to know and understand.

Guitars generally have six strings. All guitars have a body (the bulky part), a neck (the long skinny part), and a headstock (located at the far of the neck from the body where the strings attach to tuners).

All guitars need to be tuned to play properly and sound on pitch. This is done with the tuning pegs (also referred to as tuning machines) on the headstock. On the top side of of the neck is the fingerboard, also called a fretboard, over which the strings are routed. Pressed into the fingerboard are small metal ridges called frets. They help delineate individual notes along the fretboard and also make it easier play on pitch.

When it comes to buying an electric guitar there are a lot of options available, and choosing one can be confusing. This guide will help you understand the basic differences in electric guitars so you can make an informed decision. And remember, we’re here to help with friendly Gear Heads available at +234-8177066007 who can guide you to the electric guitar that best meets your needs.

Who Are You Buying For?

When buying a guitar for a beginner, it’s important to get a guitar that is properly sized, sounds great, and matches up with the budding player’s musical tastes and aspirations. If you don’t know, find out what kind of guitar they’re lusting after and who their guitar heroes are.

Choosing an electric guitar that addresses these preferences helps guarantee that new players will stay motivated as they learn to play. Gopandy Musical offers a wide selection of guitars that are ideal for smaller, younger players. Full-sized electric guitar bodies vary considerably in size and weight, and those factors should be considered.

What Is Your Budget?

While you don’t have to mortgage your home to buy a good guitar, price will still be a key factor in deciding which guitar to purchase. When buying for a beginner—especially younger players—you may be hesitant to spend too much without knowing if the recipient will stick with the guitar. That’s perfectly reasonable. There are guitars to fit just about every budget. Just keep in mind that the better the guitar the new player starts with, the more likely they will be to continue learning and playing. An instrument that’s hard to play or won’t stay in tune will deter even the most enthusiastic beginner.

All new guitar players will need an amplifier and cable. Additional electric guitar accessories include:

Best beginner acoustic guitars

Here are three suggestions for great beginner acoustic guitars with excellent quality and value for any budding musician.

Amstrong Acoustic Box Guitar – Sunburst

The beauty of the Amstrong Acoustic Box Guitar goes way beyond skin deep with its solid spruce top recommended. Well balanced tone with excellent note definition is worthy of dreadnoughts costing far more. Quality materials such as a rosewood bridge and fingerboard, black and Sunburst body binding and more make acoustics sweet for buyers with a great reputation.

Best Beginner Electric Guitars

Here are few suggestions for some of the best beginner electric guitars.

Sparkle Glitz Electric Lead Guitar – Blueburst










The tonewoods, hardware, pickups, comfort, balance, playability and tone set this guitars apart, giving them a credibility which will surprise even the most experienced player, and inspire the ‘first time’ player to play, play now – and carry on playing! Blaster Series guitars feature specially created vintage-voiced pickups to produce astonishingly accurate and authentic tone.

Condor Ultimate Rhythm Electric Guitar – Red









With the Ultimate Rhythm Electric Guitar design offers all the fat, sweet, snarling tone and unparalleled play-ability that fans love, that so many of today’s players grew up lusting after. Now Ultimate gives this popular guitar the all-mahogany purity of classics. The package includes a fast neck with genuine rosewood fingerboard, and constructed in an all-mahogany finish that looks superbly played-in in your choice of satin nitrocellulose lacquers.



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